UIC Innovations is Africa's 1st fully digital Loyalty-as-a-service company.

UIC Innovations is the original promoter of the iInsurance, Africa's best opportunity to achieve Universal Insurance Coverage. Read More

Life and General Insurance

650 iPoints per month


A. Life Cover: ₦300,000

B. Personal Accident Cover: ₦300,000

C. Hospital Bills: ₦50,000 (Admission for 2 days)

Health Insurance

1000 iPoints per month


A. Liability Limit: ₦50,000

B. Emergency Sub Limit:₦50,000 per enrollee

C. Investigation Sub Limit: ₦50,000 per enrollee

Board Of Directors


Bernadine Okeke

Chairman PSC

Bernadine Okeke is a creative thinker and strategic business partner with over 30 years of diverse management and operational experience.Read More...


Dr. Adeleke Oshunniyi

Member PSC

Adeleke Oshunniyi is a seasoned private medical practitioner and health administrator with over 3 decades of experience. Read More...


Lai Labode

Founder/Member PSC

Lai Labode is the initiator of the Universal Insurance Coverage Initiative of UIC Limited.
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What is iInsurance?

iInsurance is a mobile technology-driven loyalty-currency-for-insurance business model designed to achieve Universal Insurance coverage in Nigeria and subsequently in Africa. If you didn’t quite understand the above definition, just remember, iInsurance is our creative loyalty mechanism and platform, through which we aim to achieve universal insurance coverage in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The word “iAccount” is our fancy term for subscriber accounts. The full meaning is 'incidental account'. Your iAccount has been designed to provide all the tools you require to manage your account as a subscriber on the iInsurance platform.

iPoints stand for Incidental Point. An iPoint is a unit of value used, accepted and recognized on the iInsurance platform and across our eco-system. For example, when you patronize our partner merchants, they will say thank you for your loyalty by rewarding you with iPoints. You can then use your iPoints to acquire insurance on our platform.

Your username is your phone number (by default) and your password is set by you when you complete your registration on our platform.

Your iAccount is divided into two dedicated wallets for the iInsurance basic products;iHealth and iSecure. You see two balances in iAccount because one is your iHealth account balance and the other is your isecure account balance. Both accounts are well labelled so you can easily tell how much you have in each wallet.

Yes. We believe one of the best gifts you can give your friends and loved ones is iPoints. For this reason, we have made it possible for you to transfer iPoints to anybody based in Nigeria with an active telephone number. All you have to do is make sure you’re logged in to your iAccount, click ‘Transfers’ on our main menu, then click on ‘Transfer iPoints’, enter the recipients phone number, the number of iPoints you want to transfer and select which of your wallets (e.giHealth) you want the iPointsdeducted from. Click the ‘Transfer’ button to complete.

Topping up your iAccount with your iPin (a series of unique numbers that can be redeemed for iPoints) is as simple as recharging your phone with call credit. Make sure you’re logged in to your iAccount, then click the ‘Buy/Redeem’ button, a screen will pop-up. Enter the pin code you have and click the ‘Top up’ button. If you have entered a valid pin code, your transaction will be successful and your iAccount balance(s) will increase accordingly.

We have made a provision for all our subscribers to securely purchase iPoints and top-up their iAccounts. Simply ensure you’re logged in to your iAccount, then click the 'Buy/Redeem' button, a screen will pop-up. Select the Credit/Debit Card option at the top right corner of the pop-up screen and fill out the required details. If your payment is successful, your iAccount will be automatically topped up with the equivalent iPoints value of the sum paid.

We have partnered with many smart businesses across Nigeria to reward their loyal customers with iPoints. All our merchant partners have the ‘iInsurance compliant symbol, proudly displayed around their business premises. If your favourite service provider, restaurant, grocery shop, hair saloon, hotel, etc does not reward you with iPoints, demand for it or look elsewhere to spend your money. For a complete list of our merchant partners, please click here.

If you are having difficulty signing in, it might be either because your iAccount hasn’t been verified or you are entering your username and/or password incorrectly. Please check that these details are correct. If the problem persists, please opt to change your password.

Our verification email might take some time to arrive your inbox, please be patient. Alternatively, you can also check your junk or spam box, just if our mail didn’t quite arrive where we intended it to land.

The iInsurance basic health policy is an affordable, monthly health insurance policy designed by our HMO partners specially for the iInsurance platform. With an active cover, you will be able to access healthcare services across thousands of approved health facilities across Nigeria.

The basic health policy (also known as iHealth)will provide subscribers, a comprehensive health insurance cover for Outpatient Primary Care only up to the sum of N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira) only each month. All subscribers with an active iHealth policy will also be entitled to emergency sub-limit be capped at N40,000.00 (Forty Thousand Naira) only and the Investigations sub-limit capped at N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) only. Terms and conditions apply.

The iInsurance basic general policy (also known as iSecure) is an affordable, monthly general and life insurance policy designed by our highly experienced micro-insurance partners.

With an active cover, subscribers will enjoy the following benefits; a lump-sum cash payment of N50,000 following hospitalization in a registered healthCare facility; a lump sum of N300,000 payable to next-of-kin immediately following death by natural causes; a lump sum cash payment of N300,000 following a serious personal accident. Terms and conditions apply.

The iInsurance platform has been designed to auto-renew all iHealth policies on the 20th of each month, to ensure subscribers who have accumulated enough iPoints always qualify to continue enjoying this service in the following month. In other words, we are assisting you to automatically renew your plans so you always have an active health cover, especially when you need it.

However, if you do not have enough iPoints to cover the cost of this renewal on the 20th of the month, you will not have an active iHealth policy in the following month. Consequently, you will be unable to access health care in the following month.